Mini Shetlands Wanted - 5* Homes waiting 

At BMSR we appreciate how hard having to rehome a much loved pony can be. 


We are here to support you to find the right person / family for your little one

We have people waiting to rehome a little one - please contact us if you have a mini that you need to rehome 

Wanted Standard Shetland or Pony up to 13.2 hands

As a companion, gelding only,knowledgeable home awaits 

Location: near Gloucester 

Ref: bmsr2

If you have a little one that is looking for a new home please have a look at what people are looking for and send us an email and we can then put you in touch with each other 

Wanted - Miniature Shetland Filly (under 2 years old) 

I currently have 3 miniatures, 2 geldings and a mare, looking for a companion for my mare as the boys are full of nonsense.  I have my own field and stables, the daily routine for my little ones is out during day and stabled at night. Registration not important as I am looking for a companion only. 

Location: Scotland 

Ref: bmsr3

Wanted - Shetland gelding, Age - flexible, Quiet nature, Child friendly, Ridden
I have had horses for 30 years and have our horses at home, (now all odd plod retirees) we had a mini that sadly passed early last year and our children (2 and 4) miss the connection and bond with a pony their own size! This would be a lifelong home offered, stabling & shelter available, we always stable at night in winter and bad weather.

Location Groombridge

Ref: bmsr4

Please note that the homes waiting for ponies wanted are from private individuals